Kimberley Dhollander is a photographer based in Antwerp. Her eyes always spot the beauty of simplicity, whereas her lens and love for aesthetics add a dash of sparkle to the picture. Her photographs are not just stills, but fragments of visual poetry in everyday life.

It's time

Kimberley Dhollander portrait

to tell

a story

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Just like her endless pastel colour palet, her portfolio consists of a diversity of stories. From dreamy art productions to event photography and intriguing portraits: the love for luminosity, colour and composition remain present throughout all of her work.

Publications & Clients

Studio Kroes Ashtari Carpets iGNANT Scandale Project Urban Outfitters Happy Socks Biennale Interieur Baroness O. Lore Van Keer Lannoo Marnix & Ally Belmodo KROMA Rembo Styling Flanel Chapter Friday Maurice Coffee & Knits Jacqueline & Compote Hannemans NORTH MAG Junior Space Fisheye Magazine Bricks Magazine

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